Juhaku-related videos? Initially, I thought there aren't that many, and to be honest, there are not. BUT, I was able to to find some, so here we go. First, a link to a playlist with all Juhaku videos on Youtube I could find, and then some I found outside of Youtube.

Link to the Youtube playlist

Non-Youtube videos
Juhaku parody of a meme template:

The well-known Chinese video which has also been posted as art on Pixiv:

Magi-Durarara parody which includes a bit of Juhaku:

Juhaku parody of Vocaloid song Outer Science:

원래 어제 올리려 했지만 늦어버린 것...😇

— 햘 (@HJ2I23) November 27, 2020

Juhaku parody of Vocaloid song Otome Dissection:

#11月26日はザブラックの日 26日が70時間あるおかげで間に合いました!ありがとうございます!!

— ちゃば (@bla923) November 27, 2021

Little cute video:
From this link. Originally by wawa_MAGI5, deleted on Twitter.

Even littler video:


— せーら (@s0e9r0a6) April 8, 2022