Aaaaand this page is for Hakuryuu and Judar moments found in other canon Magi material that doesn't fit into the other categories.

The Bikkuri stickers: In Hakuryuu's sticker, it mentions how Judar has expected Hakuryuu to become a King Vessel from early on, as Judar had a strong impression of Hakuryuu's brave father. In Depraved Hakuryuu's Bikkuri sticker, it says 最近レーム風の創作料理にハマっているが、食べてくれる相手がいない。 Or in English, "Recently he's been trying out Reim-style cooking, but has no one to share it with". This is contrasted by Magi omake vol. 26, in which it's stated that Judar gets to eat Hakuryuu's home cooking. The sticker takes place at early Kou Arc, and the omake during Final Arc.

Magi TV anime Perfect Fanbook: In the second Magi anime guidebook, Judar's profile has the following sentence: "By the way, Hakuryuu Ren is his favourite and he just calls him "Hakuryuu"." This is to emphasize how Judar uses nicknames for other character's but not for Hakuryuu. It is also mentioned, that Judar wanted to go to Sindria during the Sindria arc to see Hakuryuu and Sinbad (but Al-Thamen magicians called him back).