This page is for the little Hakuryuu and Judar moments found in Magi omakes and omake papers, that is, the bonus comics at the end of volumes as well as the extra papers that were never officially released in English.

Omake vol. 21: Judar took Hakuryuu out drinking so he could convince drunk Hakuryuu to agree to go to a dungeon with him. However, it doesn't work as Hakuryuu is teary-eyed and still denies Judar's suggestion. Still, Hakuryuu reveals that Judar was the only one to treat him normally after the fire, and that Hakuryuu had always been thankful to Judar for it. ...thought the touching moment is interrupted when Judar tries to force him to agree to the dungeon and both start bickering.

Omake paper vol. 22: As it turns out, Judar misspless his answer ("world domination") so Hakuryuu fixes it for him (calling him an idiot).

Omake paper vol. 26: Judar is marked as one of the eccentric seekers, who focus on the thing or person they're interested in and ignore everyone and everyone else. On Judar's part, I think this easily applies to his obsession with his chosen king vessel. (Also how fun it mentions that eccentric seekers are dense when it comes to love and oblivious to flirting hahah.)

Omake paper vol. 27: As it turns out, when he was a child, Judar asked Hakuryuu to give him one of his siblings.

Omake paper vol. 28: This is Judar and Hakuryuu playing badminton against Alibaba and Aladdin. This is where Judar calls Hakuryuu a partner. I'm pretty sure this is aibou (相棒) in Japanese, which translates to partner, pal, accomplice or sidekick.

Omake paper vol. 30: Judar praises Belial's djinn equip, calling it to be to his taste.

Omake paper vol. 31: We find out that Hakuryuu built an impressive tomb for Judar during the timeskip.

Omake paper vol. 32: Judar sees Hakuryuu the same way he did when he was a child, not thinking that Hakuryuu has changed since then, even if people claim so. Hakuryuu says that he wishes that him and Judar would talk together more about all kinds of things.

Omake paper vol. 33: The characters are asked what they picture when they think of magicians, kings and household members. Judar sees a king and a magician, side-by-side, with no-one else. Hakuryuu, on the other hand, portrayed a big king surrounded by smaller household members, with a magician in the upper corner, bigger than the household members but smaller than the king. The high position of the magician symbolizes the person's respect and fear for powers beyond human understanding.

Omake paper vol. 34: Hakuryuu tells Pisti he's been traumatized by women and given up on love. I included this as many see this in favour of Juhaku.

Omake paper vol. 35: Judar says that he doesn't really understand the question, so Hakuryuu explains that it's a question about his opinion of himself. He also adds that he's never heard that from Judar.

Omake vol. 36: In Depraved Hakuryuu's Bikkuri sticker, it says 最近レーム風の創作料理にハマっているが、食べてくれる相手がいない。 Or in English, "Recently he's been trying out Reim-style cooking, but has no one to share it with". This is contrasted by Magi omake vol. 26, in which it's stated that Judar gets to eat Hakuryuu's home cooking. The sticker takes place at early Kou Arc, and the omake during Final Arc.

Omake paper vol. 37: Judar misspells again, Hakuryuu correcting him, again.