Although it's not a lot, let's go through the few episodes in which we see Judar and Hakuryuu interactions.

Season 1, episode 5: The first time Hakuryuu was introduced, this scene is different in the anime compared to the manga. Not only is the scene shorter (not displaying Judar's enthusiasm towards Hakuryuu) but it was mostly used to focus on Hakuryuu's face and the scar. However, we do also get the change of Judar patting Hakuryuu on the head.

Season 2, episode 12: Koutoku's funeral! Judar finally gives Hakuryuu his straight-forward proposition: if you wanna go apeshit, I'll help you. (I almost wrote straight proposition but we all know that's not true).

Season 2, episode 50: There they are at the end, about to go apeshit. Unfortunately we don't get to see it.

Character song
If it isn't the most important thing the anime provided to the ship: the character song called "The Black". Which interestingly is the only duet out of all Magi songs. It was released with the final Magi anime Blu-ray, and it tells about Hakuryuu's fall into depravity, with Judar along encouraging him, of course. Personally, I find the fact that they made the song in the first place to be incredibly fascinating. After all, we never get to see the events that follow in the anime itself. They didn't have to make the song, and yet they did. The fact that Hakuryuu didn't already have a character song (for some reason) might have played a part in it.

Needless to say, the song has gained a massive level of importance to the Juhaku fandom. Every year, the release day of the song, November 26th, is celebrated as "The Black Day", on which many fanworks are released. More so among Japanese fans, but even so.